I have always been obsessed with brands that created a strong and timeless design language. Louis Vuitton is one of them.
Their body of work is a huge encyclopedia of shapes, patterns and graphic elements. Since 1854, from the founder to each of the designers they have worked with, they have created thousands of pieces that have embodied fashion as we know it.

I selected some of their most iconic elements and decided to use them outside their usual medium: as architectural ornament.
The beginning of Louis Vuitton coincides with the Haussmann's renovation of Paris, that shaped the famous architectural style from Paris that remain today. 

I was interested in designing a Haussmannian style building facade that blends the LV design language (both historic and contemporary) and the well-known Parisian architecture. The goal was not to design a retail building concept, but simply to create a stand-alone piece of experimental art.

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